Graduate graphic designer. Passionate about culture, imagery, music and travel.

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Recent designs for Ellipsis - An electronic music night in Peckham, London. 


Stunning shots of the recent out of control wildfires in California. 

Never even heard of ‘Paper Marbling’ before, but this is stunning. 

This specific one was put together by Seyit Uygur an Istanbul/Seattle based artist. Definitely going to give it a try. 

LA painter Paul Juno

Can’t wait for this. 

London based illustrator and designer Kate Moross

Photographer Thomas Herbrich took these stunning photo’s of smoke over the course of 3 months. He managed to whittle down around 10,000 shots to a selected few. 

Really beautiful textures, light, shadows and shapes created during the chaos, that our brain tried to comprehend and fit into something more familiar and recognisable. 

For a photographer living in a major city filled with iconic architecture, museums, and myriad tourist destinations, the struggle to capture an authentic image is great.

This was the exact situation photographer Michael Wolf found himself in after moving to Paris from Hong Kong in 2008. Surrounded in a city filled with sights that could easily be interpreted as cliché, Wolf pointed his camera away from the recognisable landmarks and instead focused on the dense rooftops surrounding the city.

Packed with stout chimneys, tv antennas, graffiti, and numerous geometric forms, these wide-angle shots present a strange abstracted view of a usually recognizable place.

Skilled ornate painted dragons based around one brush stroke

Ruoert Vandervell - Geometrix

"A combination of light, shade and human form that comes together in aesthetic harmony, creating a special geometric relationship. These pictures are about clean lines, angles, shapes and textures in the urban landscape and their abstract collaboration."

Rog Walker / NY /Photographer 

Raw and quality short Australian based film